Azure Infrastructure

Options for Conditional Access with Office 365

Making sure only the right people can get into your tenant is important - and often making sure that they connect from devices under your control is critical too. Azure AD, InTune and Office 365 provide a plethora of different options to help you accomplish this. In this session we'll explore what the options are, [...]

Azure 101 Terminology

Are you new to Azure? Do you get confused with all the acronyms? Then this session is for you. Find out the differences between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, plus other terms and how it relates to Office 365.

Build Your First Virtual Machine in Azure

In this session, Penny will show you how to build in Azure a Windows Server virtual machine that you can use as a Office 365 or Azure dev workstation or use as your Office 365 Administration machine. She will go through the steps of how to get an Azure account and will also give out [...]

Windows Information Protection and Azure IRM: Better Together?

Microsoft has been pushing information rights management for a very long time, and their existing Azure-based IRM solutions work pretty well for the cases they cover. However, there are many other desktop and mobile scenarios that IRM doesn't address, including allowing users to BYOD and work securely on both corporate and personal data without putting [...]

From Junior to Architect to CTO: How to Succeed and Win with Microsoft Technologies

Having worked in IT for 25 years, I've learned, seen and experienced a lot. Today I see many people struggling with the same issues in IT I struggled with in the early 1990's. In this session I will provide a clear path for succeeding with Microsoft technologies. Learn how to grow professionally from junior to [...]

Protecting Office 365 Data in a Modern World

In today’s world, end users expect to be able to work in almost any location with the device of their choosing. With key corporate data in the cloud, enforcing traditional perimeters inside the firewall and on corporate owned devices is no longer possible. In this session, you’ll learn how to extend the native security and [...]

Identity in the Cloud: The Foundation for Office 365

Without a clean and well connected identity infrastructure, it is nearly impossible to run a stable, highly available Office 365 environment. Microsoft offers a myriad of options for sign-on to Azure Active Directory and Office 365. Even if you have been using Office 365 for years, the options that are available have evolved significantly in [...]

Single Sign On: Beyond Office 365

If you’re using Office 365, you are also using Azure Active Directory. Behind the scenes, Azure Active Directory provides all of the identity and single sign-on capabilities for Office 365. But what you might not know, is that Azure Active Directory also lets you extend single sign-on capabilities to almost 3,000 applications. In this session, [...]

Defence Against the Dark (Cloud) Arts: Azure Security Deep Dive

You’ve finally taken the leap to the Microsoft cloud, so what’s next? Now you have to secure everything. But where do you start? In his latest session, join Andy Malone as he delves into the heart of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Security platform. Here we’ll discuss Andy’s top 10 gems not only deployment and configuration [...]

20,000 Leagues Under Azure AD Connect

Connecting you’re on-premises environment to the cloud? It can be a daunting experience. So weather it’s a single domain or a multiple forest, this session is an absolute must for you. From architecture to deployment and configuration to troubleshooting. This is the one definitive session that prepares you for that leap into the unknown. No [...]

Exchange Online

Options for Staying Compliant in Exchange Online

There are a variety of options for making sure you keep mail for as long as the organization needs. In this 20 minutes of wisdom session we'll walk through the various options available in Exchange Online, and help you understand where the line blurs into the rest of the suite. You'll walk away understanding the [...]

Using Exchange Online to Classify and Secure Mail

You've got Exchange Online, but need to ensure that people don't accidently send messages to the wrong people, and that confidential material can be secured appropriately. In this 20 minutes of wisdom, you will learn how to combine classifications, transport rules and message encryption to solve this issue.

Getting Away from Google -- Best Practises for Migrating to Office 365

Moves to Office 365 from Google Suite are becoming common - but in today's world of mature adoption, it's not just Mail you need to consider. In this session, we'll take you all the way from identity, through migration of different workloads and help you understand what your options are - and how to avoid [...]

The Latest and Greatest on Hybrid Exchange

This session cover's the latest and greatest on Exchange Hybrid deployments and the Hybrid Configuration Wizard Tool. Come to understand Full vs. Minimal Hybrid Configuration and how to use Express Migration in HCW. What role does my local Exchange Server version play, and do I need to update my Exchange 2010 for any reasons to [...]

Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell, Tips & Tricks

Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell - Tips & Tricks every admin should know.

"Me, Myself, and I"; the One Time Your Identity Is More Important than Anything Else!

In the cloud your identity matters! After all, it is 'the key to the kingdom'. Once someone successfully steals your identity, they can access your data and you wouldn't necessarily know it. Hence, securing your identity --and as a result your data is critically important. In this session we will look at the various identity [...]

The Full Story of Skype for Business Deployment Options

Skype for Business and Cloud PBX have so many different options in deployment scenario's that most companies struggle to find the right information. End-User feature sets are different depending the type of deployment, so it is crucial for an organization to fully understand all of the details so they can chose wisely.

The Secrets of Media Flows in Skype for Business

This session will guide you through a journey exploring all the aspects of settings up Media Session on Skype for Business, getting down to the nitty gritty details of the STUN, TURN and ICE process and what happens when media sessions are setup, all about networking to fully understand how Skype for Business works on [...]

Troubleshoot Exchange ActiveSync Devices

As the trend is towards multiple devices, we can see an increasing number of issues related with mobile devices. In this session you will learn about your possibilities to troubleshoot such issues. In this session we put on Sherlock hat and start our investigation using the following data:  DatabaseEvent: Each Exchange databases have a table [...]

Protecting Against Advanced Threats in Email

This session will look at protecting your company from the route that most malicious traffic can arrive by – transmission by email. We will look at the state of the issue, why we need to protect and why client anti-virus protection is not suitable in todays threat landscape. [75 minutes] We will then cover how [...]

Office 365 Administration

Making sense of the Office 365 Audit Data Mart

This session will make you an expert in the Office 365 Auditing feature set.  We will start with understanding how Auditing events are generated, collected and stored within Office 365.  We will then dissect a few audit events to look at the information that you receive within them and how it can be used to [...]

Mastering Office 365 Data Governance

This session will arm you with all that you need to know to advise your legal departments on how they can maintain their compliance on Office 365.  I’ll take you on a journey through Microsoft Office 365’s Security and Compliance centre explaining all the capabilities,  what they are for, when it is appropriate to use [...]

Connect to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

In this Session, I will show all possible locations in Office 365 where you may sync data to your local PC. This includes some special things (Shared With Me, Selective Sync, and the issues for the users), as well as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Team Sites, Groups, and Microsoft Teams. The attendees will also learn that [...]

What’s New in Office 365 Security

The session will cover all the new and changed features we’ve got in the Security and Compliance area for the past year or so. Including, but not limited to: external sharing and user access improvements for SPO and ODFB; Azure AD Conditional access, token lifetime control and revocation, tenant restrictions; Office 365 Secure score; Audit [...]

Modern Authentication for the Office 365 Administrator

Modern authentication has been around for a while now and with the latest sets of improvements, there is no excuse for not using it. This demo-heavy session will remind you of all the benefits we get with MA, and the horrors we can leave in the past thanks to it. On the admin side of [...]

Beginning Azure AD Identity for SharePoint and Office 365 Administrators

They’re taking away our servers, but that won’t stop us. Time keeps moving and as admins, we need to update our skills. Identity is one of those skills that is ripe for the picking. In this session Todd will walk you through the basics of using Azure AD for cloud identity, and how to connect [...]

Mastering PowerShell with Office 365

Do you love PowerShell? Do you love Office 365? Okay, are you at least warming up to it? Todd loves both, and he’ll use this session he’ll show several techniques to automate common, and less common, Office 365 tasks with PowerShell. He’ll show you resources you can use, and he’ll provide you with all the [...]

The OneDrive for Business Deployment, Management, and Migration

The OneDrive for Business is a very good starting point to your Office 365 Journey. There are a lot of hidden Gems in it, and you will learn in this Session what they are. Benefits, do’s and don’ts in OneDrive everyday Life, how to administrate, DLP options and Administration are some of the areas you [...]

Transition Your Company from SharePoint Sites to Modern Collaboration

The Mainstream way of Collaboration today is still a process driven SharePoint Teamsite way, where mostly only Document Management happens. Now as we have Groups, Teams, Modern Teamsites and much more in the Office 365 Universe, you might start thinking of the challenge to transform your company to a more flexible, modern way of Collaboration. [...]

The Ins and Outs of Monitoring Office 365

One major problem with Office 365 is you can't see or manage it the way you do on-premises servers. Because Microsoft manages the details of DAGs, disks, document libraries, and so on, it's much harder for administrators to notice, identify, fix, and prevent problems, or even to get a good view of service quality and [...]

How to Avoid the 5 Stages of Grief When Moving to Office 365

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. 5 stages of grief that you definitely don't want to apply to your Office 365 migration. In this session we'll share the tips and tricks (from the field!) on how to successfully, plan, prepare and execute a migration to Office 365. If you care about your mental health, this [...]

10 Questions about Hybrid Scenarios with SharePoint 2016 You Were Afraid to Ask

Today's IT world is no longer an isolated one. For an organization to succeed in today's digital transformation age, it must reinvent itself and adapt to ever new challenges. One constant is always true - innovation happens in the Cloud and Hybrid environments more often represents the initial step towards the Cloud. But the soonest [...]

How to Keep Up with Changes in Office 365

Office 365 enhancements, new features and functionalities are always expected to be released to the public following a well-defined process so every Office 365 customer should know when the new goodies are expected to appear in his tenant…however, is a well-known fact that the release process doesn’t work as it should and Office 365 customers [...]

The Intranet Is Dead! Long Live the Modern Workplace

SharePoint & Intranet Portals have been tied together since the release of SharePoint 2007. We have been building extensive, heavy branded and overly customized Intranet Portals for businesses worldwide. Result? Abandoned Intranet Portals, raising costs for maintenance and configuration and a lot of frustration. What does matter at the end of the day? Productivity tools [...]

Migration from On-Prem to SharePoint Online: Lessons Learned by Microsoft IT

Facing a SharePoint migration or upgrade and don't know where to start? Dive in and grab the project by its horns with this session. Understand what the options for upgrades or migrations are and how those options will impact their sites and users.  Learn the possible upgrade paths and the capabilities of the newer versions [...]

Working with OneDrive for Business

There was a long way from synchronize Files between your local machine and SharePoint Team Sites, Groups and OneDrive for Business. This session describes the implementation of Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC), the limitations and the competitors, Roadmap of NGSC Limitations of NGSC, the competitors (Dropbox, Box,… and OneDrive Personal) , what may be synchronized [...]

Mobile Device Management Options in Office 365 and Beyond

Providing secure mobile access to corporate data is a challenge faced by many organizations in today's mobile first, cloud first world. In this session you'll learn all about the built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities of Office 365 and how it differs from the functionality provided by Microsoft Intune. We'll also discuss some deployment considerations [...]

After the Migration – Managing Your Office 365 Deployment

There is an abundance of information around about migrating to Office 365, but sometimes the operational challenges associated with managing your deployment present more headaches than the initial migration. When is the best time to decommission my last on-premises Exchange server? How should I test new features before they are deployed to the rest of [...]

Protecting Your Users Against Email Spoofing and Phishing

2016 was the year of the phish, and 2017 is shaping up to be the same. Business email compromise attacks cost global industries over $3B last year and a lot is changing to protect users and companies. This session will look at what is happening, what is going on automatically and also what you can [...]

Black Belting Office 365 Security with Secure Score

Simply put, this session will improve your organisations overall security stance tenfold. Don’t waste time and money on expensive software & consultants. Secure Store is the latest defence tool in the Microsoft arsenal which will not only perform a risk assessment, but also provide the steps & guidance for you to implement them. Join Andy [...]

Administer External Users

A set of demo and best practices you can use to govern your Office 365 and keep track of external users. Learn what is possible out of the box and what can be achieved with Powershell or available best practices from PnP.

Office 365 Applications

Microsoft Stream: The Future of Video

Office 365 Video Portal step aside! Microsoft Stream is here and is reclaiming its spot as the future of video within Office 365. Jasper Oosterveld (Microsoft MVP & Collaboration Consultant) is going to talk about the following topics: What is Microsoft Stream? What are the difference with Office 365 Video Portal and how can you [...]

Skype for Business Cloud PBX Live Setup and Demo

The Cloud makes Skype for Business quicker and easier right? Well prove it then! In this session we will talk about Skype for Business Online and Cloud PBX Features and Architecture briefly to set the scene, then its straight into real live setup demos; we will, create a new user and give them a phone [...]

Skype for Business Cloud PBX in the Real World

Skype for Business Cloud PBX has been available globally for over a year now, so we’ve had some real world customer deployments and hands-on experience. In this session, we will cover all the Skype for Business deployment models, from 100% cloud to hybrid to 100% on premise. We will explain how cloud features like PSTN [...]

Like a Megaphone: Using Skype Meeting Broadcast for Large Meetings

Skype Meeting Broadcast is Microsoft's solution for meetings with more than 250 participants. The broadcast toolset is based on, but significantly different from, the desktop Skype meetings you're already familiar with. In this session, we'll explore the SMB architecture, discuss how to schedule and produce a Skype Meeting Broadcast, and cover both the benefits and [...]

On-Premises and Online -- Architecting Future-Proof SharePoint Solutions

"The future belongs to the cloud, innovation happens in the cloud" - such statements are constant reminders of the path IT is heading, most valid with Office 365. As the architect entrusted with building today's solutions ready for tomorrow you are faced with tremendous challenges.   Authentication mechanisms, building of responsive & modern user interfaces, [...]

Step by Step: How to Use SharePoint Online Data in Power BI Dashboards

After this step by step - how to - session you will be able to use SharePoint data to create Power BI dashboards. (Topics will be: SharePoint Online data - SharePoint Search Schema - Excel and Power BI dashboards)

Hybrid Flow and PowerApps

With the Microsoft on-premises gateway it is possible to connect to on-prem data from your Microsoft Flows and PowerApps. In this 20-minutes of wisdom session I will show you how you can get data from an on-prem SQL Server in your PowerApp and how you can use Flow to write back to an on-prem SharePoint [...]

Microsoft Flow Speed Date

This session will showcase Microsoft Flow in 20 minutes to give you a jump start in why you should start create your own Flows.  The session will introduce the demo key scenarios on how to get started with creating Flows, and which Flows that you should start to create inside your organization.  Learn how to: [...]

How to Use Google Analytics with Power BI to Get Usage Statistics from an Intranet

Google Analytics content pack for Power BI connects your Google Analytics through Power BI. You will get a Power BI dashboard and a set of Power BI reports that provide insights about your site traffic and user dimensions. You can use the dashboard and reports provided, or customize them to highlight the information you care [...]

Supercharging Your Productivity and Business with Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and Azure Functions

Throw away your legacy workflows, custom InfoPath forms and ugly hacks! Move to a modern platform and supercharge your business with automation, intelligence and flexibility from Microsoft PowerApps, together with Flow and Azure Functions. In this session we’ll start from the very basics on how to build efficient solutions as a power user, IT Pro [...]

Fast Collaboration with Microsoft Teams and How to Add New Functionality

Microsoft Teams is a new player in the Office 365 productivity ecosystem that is intended to provide fast collaboration capabilities to teams of any side that not only require to work on a bunch of team files, but also to have real time communications by means of chat or videoconferencing features. At the same time, [...]

Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new member of the Office 365 Collaboration toolkit. Jasper Oosterveld (Microsoft MVP & Cloud Consultant) is going to take you on a 20 minute journey, how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams. The goal: Learning how Microsoft Teams increases the fun and efficiency for collaboration scenario's.

Modern Collaboration in Teams & Projects Powered by Office 365

Office 365 is the collaboration toolkit for businesses. We can choose between SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Choice can be good but doesn’t necessarily make our lives easier. Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP & Cloud Consultant, is going to take you on a 75 minute journey through the Office 365 collaboration landscape. After [...]

Get-Channel | Set-Channel "Understanding ProPlus Channels"

This session will give you a break down of the Channel available in Office 2016 ProPlus, break down the patch cycle and show you how to set your Channels in Group Policy or by Powershell.

Understanding Office ProPlus 2016

In this session we will look at Office 2016 ProPlus what’s in and out of Office 365 ProPlus. We will also discuss the new features like Branch Updates, Office 2016 Deployment Tool and the changes to the mechanism. There will also be a live demo of on how to deploy Office 2016 ProPlus as theres [...]

Intelligent Insights and Collaboration in Office 365

In today’s demanding business climate, it is common for people to get overwhelmed by the ever-growing volume of data and information. In Office 365, Office Graph, Machine Learning (ML) techniques provide new-wave intelligent insights. Microsoft is modernizing the search experience, making it more personal, more intelligent and more consistent across entry points. These features make [...]

Office 365 Development

Extending PowerApps and Microsoft Flow with Custom Code

PowerApps and Flow is the new “magic duo” from Microsoft, with a broad range of possible uses: developing simple mobile and web applications, and simple processes, based on various data sources. Even if PowerApps and Flow were in the beginning focused on power users and consumer data sources, we are witnessing addition of new enterprise-oriented [...]

Supercharge your Applications with the Microsoft Graph API

When creating line of business applications we always need data from several sources. This is no different in a cloud world, but instead of creating different services, that are accessed in different ways, we can leverage the power of the Microsoft Graph API to get data from Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud services in [...]

Building an Intelligent SharePoint Bot

The Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) is one of the Cognitive Services Microsoft now offers. We can now use these services and API's to take the SharePoint and Office 365 experience we offer to the next level. When combined with the Microsoft Graph a whole new world of collaboration will open up. Let users interact [...]

Automating Office 365 External Sharing

External Sharing with Office 365 allows organizations to build solid extranet solution in the cloud. The user interface for external sharing is easy to use and works quite well, but sometimes it is simply not enough. What if you need to add hundreds or even thousands of external users to a SharePoint site? Within this [...]

Real-World PowerApps and Flow

In this session, a Microsoft MVP, MCM and MCT, with hands on experience of real use of PowerApps and Flow, will be delivering the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences of building the new style of business applications using PowerApps and Flow. You will learn from an expert, get a good grip at what [...]

New Dawn of SharePoint Apps or "How I Learned to Love No-Code Apps"

As we move to the cloud with Azure and Office 365, the world of SharePoint development has changed. No longer are developers using server-side or Sandbox solutions on the servers. Instead, they are building cloud apps that either run on other providers like Azure or AWS or the apps run on the client-side, in your [...]

Building Portals with Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API ( brings together all various APIs that cover access to the Office 365 platform. The unified endpoint for accessing the different services in Office 365 makes it possible to integrate data, intelligence and insights from the Microsoft Cloud. In this session, we will start with an overview and clear positioning of [...]

PowerApps, the Developer Story: Build an API to Integrate Corporate Data

Microsoft released PowerApps to a selective audience as a private preview in November 2015. It's a service for enterprises to connect data across clouds to create intelligent business apps faster than ever before and share them to any device. Besides addressing the business developer and power user, it also provides opportunities for developers. This enables [...]

Building Office Add-ins for Outlook with Angular 2

Microsoft Office clients, from Outlook to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and even OneNote support an extensibility option. Developers can build add-ins which are web applications that can reach into, be called and interact with the hosting Office client application. In this session you will learn how you can use Angular 2 to create custom add-ins for [...]

Microsoft Graph: The Swiss Army Knife for All Your Enterprise Data

The Microsoft Graph is Microsoft’s single endpoint developers can use to build custom applications. This API gives you access to a great many services that Microsoft has to offer for your data hosted within Office 365 and other Microsoft services. In this session you will learn how to utilize the Microsoft Graph in your custom [...]

Developing with Groups, Teams, and Planner

Thinking about using groups teams or planner in your web app or add-in? Get up to speed on how you can extend these Office 365 services and incorporate them into your applications using the Microsoft Graph. Hit the ground running by reading up a set of samples and demo's on what is and is not [...]


Working with groups but have the requirement to have them populated with some standardized content? Your business enforcing you to have more control over what a groups look like? Together we explore the options you have as a developer to have some control over the provisioning of groups and their content.

It's Not Your Father's SharePoint - Architecting Cloud-Only Solutions with Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint Online

The SharePoint development has been in a huge turmoil in the past few years. In only 2-3 years we have witnessed the decline of SharePoint Farm Solutions, birth of the SharePoint AddIns (ex Apps), and client side code solutions in general. The most recently, we have witnessed the birth of SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and new [...]

SharePoint Online

WebHooks in Microsoft SharePointL Do It Like a Ninja!

In the old days, SharePoint Event Receiver were the main choice when it comes to create customizations that needed to react to specific events happening in the Server-Side. With Office 365 Microsoft developed Remote Event Receivers, that allowed developers to create similar experiences in SharePoint Online to on-premises SharePoint Solutions. In an effort to embrace [...]

Configuring the SharePoint Online Hybrid Workloads

Are you interested in how SharePoint Hybrid can benefit your company? This workshop will detail the prerequisites for SharePoint Hybrid configuration and clarify the SharePoint hybrid workloads. Through many demonstrations this workshop will step through the phases of configuration for hybrid connections to Office 365 and present options for managing the hybrid configuration. The workshop [...]

Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Search

This demo filled session will review the latest advances in SharePoint and Office 365 Hybrid Search. We will demonstrate how to create powerful hybrid search experiences that include SharePoint, File Shares and BCS results both on premises and Office 365. • Learn what SharePoint Hybrid Search can and cannot do • Learn how to create [...]

How to Run a Search Project in SharePoint Online

How do you tackle a Search Project in SharePoint Online? In this session, you will learn the phases of a search project and how to break the project up into meaningful “bites” that can have a positive impact on your end users search experience.

Collaboration with External Users -- Securing Your SharePoint Online Data

Team members aren't always your direct collegues. More and more the collaboration takes place outside the companies walls and information is shared with external users. In this session Marianne shares her view on how to welcome these external users but still securing your data against unauthorised access and Data leaking. Completely complaint with ISO 270001 [...]

How to Automate the SharePoint Provisioning with PNP Framework

In this session I will guide you through the provisioning toolset found within Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP). With PnP we can easily with the help of XML provisioning templates and Powershell, Provision columns, content types, list templates, list and library instances, branding and file assets and even metadata to SharePoint Online This [...]

SharePoint Migration Tips from a Superhero

I've worked on alot of migration project, and during this session I will share my experiences with you.  Come to this session to learn: Methodology for planning SharePoint Migrations Common migration mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Managing SharePoint Online End-To-End with PowerShell

PowerShell for SharePoint Online consists not only in using a set of commands available through the SharePoint Online Management Shell, but also in using all the powerful capabilities provided by the Client Side Object Model (CSOM) API. In this session, we will cover different usage scenarios we can get with PowerShell for SharePoint Online trough [...]

Exchange Hybrid in a Complex Environment

Azure AD Connect supports synchronization of multiple forests. But what when you have multiple Exchange Organizations with different SMTP namespaces in addition? This session covers some areas in a complex scenario and highlights the main pitfalls in the following topics : Azure AD Connect Centralized mail flow Free/Busy Cross-premises limitations(e.g.: delegate access) Forest trusts or [...]

Making Office 365 and SharePoint Strategic

The highest and most effective use of Office 365 and SharePoint include business units operating at the same level. Office 365 and SharePoint must be deployed as a shared system of data, where trusted information is surfaced up from accounting, document management, data collection and governance. Without these components in place, it is questionable whether [...]

Good to Great Governance

A SharePoint Governance Plan is created as a critical step on the path towards SharePoint deployment success and effectiveness. Since the release of SharePoint 2010, governance has catapulted into one of the most contentious and confusing areas of SharePoint. Companies have struggled to understand what makes a great governance plan and thus have put together [...]

Get Valuable Migration Insights with LogParser and Excel

Every migration benefits of having a good understanding of the environment. While SharePoint out of the box provides very limited usage insights, LogParser can be your friend. Every request in SharePoint is served by Internet Information Server(IIS) and can contain very detailed information about the request. Come to this 20 minute session and learn how [...]

Approaches for Migrating Custom SharePoint Applications to the Microsoft Cloud

Many organizations have invested in custom applications on the SharePoint platform. When moving to Office 365 most applications cannot be directly migrated as they rely on full trust code. One approach to define the target platform and migrate the application is to analyze its value, technical feasibility and application portfolio. The outcome of the analyses [...]

"Quick win" Features vs. Long-Term Strategy in Office 365 Search

Many organizations want to have "quick win" in search: they want to "implement changes or enhancements that require minimal effort to drive business value associated with Search in the short term". On the other hand, Search has to be the part of the company's business strategy and roadmap, to maximize its long term business value [...]

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