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Office 365 Administration

PowerShell for Office 365

This one-day workshop will cover PowerShell management in Office 365. Besides management, we will also cover infrastructural aspects such as accounts (cloud, synchronized, and hybrid and how to manage them) or recipients. Traditional recipients such as mailboxes, public folders, distribution groups and the role of Office 365 groups. The management of SharePoint Online, including OneDrive [...]

You "Could Have, Would Have, and Should Have" Done All These Things When Moving to Office 365

In this full-day workshop, you will learn how to successfully plan, implement, and migrate to Office 365. We will walk you through the various stages of a typical implementation project and you'll discover how to best tackle some of the most common questions and challenges as seen in the real world with regards to planning, [...]

Making sense of the Office 365 Audit Data Mart

This session will make you an expert in the Office 365 Auditing feature set.  We will start with understanding how Auditing events are generated, collected and stored within Office 365.  We will then dissect a few audit events to look at the information that you receive within them and how it can be used to [...]

Mastering Office 365 Data Governance

This session will arm you with all that you need to know to advise your legal departments on how they can maintain their compliance on Office 365.  I’ll take you on a journey through Microsoft Office 365’s Security and Compliance centre explaining all the capabilities,  what they are for, when it is appropriate to use [...]

Connect to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

In this Session, I will show all possible locations in Office 365 where you may sync data to your local PC. This includes some special things (Shared With Me, Selective Sync, and the issues for the users), as well as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Team Sites, Groups, and Microsoft Teams. The attendees will also learn that [...]

What’s New in Office 365 Security

The session will cover all the new and changed features we’ve got in the Security and Compliance area for the past year or so. Including, but not limited to: external sharing and user access improvements for SPO and ODFB; Azure AD Conditional access, token lifetime control and revocation, tenant restrictions; Office 365 Secure score; Audit [...]

Modern Authentication for the Office 365 Administrator

Modern authentication has been around for a while now and with the latest sets of improvements, there is no excuse for not using it. This demo-heavy session will remind you of all the benefits we get with MA, and the horrors we can leave in the past thanks to it. On the admin side of [...]

Beginning Azure AD Identity for SharePoint and Office 365 Administrators

They’re taking away our servers, but that won’t stop us. Time keeps moving and as admins, we need to update our skills. Identity is one of those skills that is ripe for the picking. In this session Todd will walk you through the basics of using Azure AD for cloud identity, and how to connect [...]

Mastering PowerShell with Office 365

Do you love PowerShell? Do you love Office 365? Okay, are you at least warming up to it? Todd loves both, and he’ll use this session he’ll show several techniques to automate common, and less common, Office 365 tasks with PowerShell. He’ll show you resources you can use, and he’ll provide you with all the [...]

The OneDrive for Business Deployment, Management, and Migration

The OneDrive for Business is a very good starting point to your Office 365 Journey. There are a lot of hidden Gems in it, and you will learn in this Session what they are. Benefits, do’s and don’ts in OneDrive everyday Life, how to administrate, DLP options and Administration are some of the areas you [...]

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