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Exchange Online

Options for Staying Compliant in Exchange Online

There are a variety of options for making sure you keep mail for as long as the organization needs. In this 20 minutes of wisdom session we'll walk through the various options available in Exchange Online, and help you understand where the line blurs into the rest of the suite. You'll walk away understanding the [...]

Using Exchange Online to Classify and Secure Mail

You've got Exchange Online, but need to ensure that people don't accidently send messages to the wrong people, and that confidential material can be secured appropriately. In this 20 minutes of wisdom, you will learn how to combine classifications, transport rules and message encryption to solve this issue.

Getting Away from Google -- Best Practises for Migrating to Office 365

Moves to Office 365 from Google Suite are becoming common - but in today's world of mature adoption, it's not just Mail you need to consider. In this session, we'll take you all the way from identity, through migration of different workloads and help you understand what your options are - and how to avoid [...]

The Latest and Greatest on Hybrid Exchange

This session cover's the latest and greatest on Exchange Hybrid deployments and the Hybrid Configuration Wizard Tool. Come to understand Full vs. Minimal Hybrid Configuration and how to use Express Migration in HCW. What role does my local Exchange Server version play, and do I need to update my Exchange 2010 for any reasons to [...]

Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell, Tips & Tricks

Managing Exchange Online using PowerShell - Tips & Tricks every admin should know.

"Me, Myself, and I"; the One Time Your Identity Is More Important than Anything Else!

In the cloud your identity matters! After all, it is 'the key to the kingdom'. Once someone successfully steals your identity, they can access your data and you wouldn't necessarily know it. Hence, securing your identity --and as a result your data is critically important. In this session we will look at the various identity [...]

The Full Story of Skype for Business Deployment Options

Skype for Business and Cloud PBX have so many different options in deployment scenario's that most companies struggle to find the right information. End-User feature sets are different depending the type of deployment, so it is crucial for an organization to fully understand all of the details so they can chose wisely.

The Secrets of Media Flows in Skype for Business

This session will guide you through a journey exploring all the aspects of settings up Media Session on Skype for Business, getting down to the nitty gritty details of the STUN, TURN and ICE process and what happens when media sessions are setup, all about networking to fully understand how Skype for Business works on [...]

Troubleshoot Exchange ActiveSync Devices

As the trend is towards multiple devices, we can see an increasing number of issues related with mobile devices. In this session you will learn about your possibilities to troubleshoot such issues. In this session we put on Sherlock hat and start our investigation using the following data:  DatabaseEvent: Each Exchange databases have a table [...]

Protecting Against Advanced Threats in Email

This session will look at protecting your company from the route that most malicious traffic can arrive by – transmission by email. We will look at the state of the issue, why we need to protect and why client anti-virus protection is not suitable in todays threat landscape. [75 minutes] We will then cover how [...]

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