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Azure Infrastructure

Introduction to Microsoft Azure for Developers

In this workshop, students will learn the core skills about Microsoft Azure for developers. We will check some of the main services such as App Services, SQL Database, Azure AD, and storage. Topics covered during the workshop: Introduction to Microsoft Azure and Cloud Solutions Resource Groups Microsoft Azure App Services Microsoft SQL Database Microsoft Azure [...]

Options for Conditional Access with Office 365

Making sure only the right people can get into your tenant is important - and often making sure that they connect from devices under your control is critical too. Azure AD, InTune and Office 365 provide a plethora of different options to help you accomplish this. In this session we'll explore what the options are, [...]

Azure 101 Terminology

Are you new to Azure? Do you get confused with all the acronyms? Then this session is for you. Find out the differences between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, plus other terms and how it relates to Office 365.

Build Your First Virtual Machine in Azure

In this session, Penny will show you how to build in Azure a Windows Server virtual machine that you can use as a Office 365 or Azure dev workstation or use as your Office 365 Administration machine. She will go through the steps of how to get an Azure account and will also give out [...]

Windows Information Protection and Azure IRM: Better Together?

Microsoft has been pushing information rights management for a very long time, and their existing Azure-based IRM solutions work pretty well for the cases they cover. However, there are many other desktop and mobile scenarios that IRM doesn't address, including allowing users to BYOD and work securely on both corporate and personal data without putting [...]

From Junior to Architect to CTO: How to Succeed and Win with Microsoft Technologies

Having worked in IT for 25 years, I've learned, seen and experienced a lot. Today I see many people struggling with the same issues in IT I struggled with in the early 1990's. In this session I will provide a clear path for succeeding with Microsoft technologies. Learn how to grow professionally from junior to [...]

Protecting Office 365 Data in a Modern World

In today’s world, end users expect to be able to work in almost any location with the device of their choosing. With key corporate data in the cloud, enforcing traditional perimeters inside the firewall and on corporate owned devices is no longer possible. In this session, you’ll learn how to extend the native security and [...]

Identity in the Cloud: The Foundation for Office 365

Without a clean and well connected identity infrastructure, it is nearly impossible to run a stable, highly available Office 365 environment. Microsoft offers a myriad of options for sign-on to Azure Active Directory and Office 365. Even if you have been using Office 365 for years, the options that are available have evolved significantly in [...]

Single Sign On: Beyond Office 365

If you’re using Office 365, you are also using Azure Active Directory. Behind the scenes, Azure Active Directory provides all of the identity and single sign-on capabilities for Office 365. But what you might not know, is that Azure Active Directory also lets you extend single sign-on capabilities to almost 3,000 applications. In this session, [...]

Defence Against the Dark (Cloud) Arts: Azure Security Deep Dive

You’ve finally taken the leap to the Microsoft cloud, so what’s next? Now you have to secure everything. But where do you start? In his latest session, join Andy Malone as he delves into the heart of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Security platform. Here we’ll discuss Andy’s top 10 gems not only deployment and configuration [...]

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